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Tulip Grease


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Tulip Grease for Lips  

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  ♥  Tulip Grease Purse Packs (<—- Click here to purchase and include a personalized gift note!)

–  Three of your favorite tubes of Tulip Grease, packaged in a gorgeous and convenient purse pack (styles may vary)

 –  Purse pouches are handmade by!

      ♥  Plum Snuggler           –  Subtly scented with all natural plum kernel oil

     ♥  Lemon Love           –  10% of the profits benefit thyroid cancer charities           –  Softly scented with lemon and vanilla, like lemon meringue pie


     ♥  Red Sparkly             –  10% of the profits benefit endometriosis charities           –  Lightly tinted, scented with classic wintertime peppermint


  ♥  Coconut Swoon       

 –    10% of the profits benefit disaster relief charities

 –     Reminisce with the scent of baking coconut macaroons

    ♥  Lavender Tartine   

 –     A delicate scent of lavender warmed by vanilla

  ♥  Ho*Cho*      

 –    10% of the profits benefit multiple sclerosis charities

 –     Just like making yourself a nice mug of hot chocolate

 ♥  Mint Freshie    

 –    Sweet and refreshing like sugared spearmint leaves


Everyday Luxuries – Tulip Grease for Body

   ♥  Sensational Sesame Oil           –  Gorgeous combination of five skin soothing oils           –  Available in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes 


Tulip Grease Accessories

Cafe Press

♥  Check out our Tulip Grease themed hoodies, tees, mugs, tote bags and other gifts! 

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