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Tulip Grease

Welcome to Tulip Grease!

  Creators of luxurious all-natural body care products


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Tulip Grease, LLC  is committed to bringing you the best kind of everyday luxuries

 –   Never artificial, Always delectable! 

–  We pledge to use solely naturally derived ingredients

 –   We believe chemicals belong in the lab..not on you!

Our business is centered around one simple value ~ Love

♥   Love for our planet     

Much of our inspiration comes from the depth & beauty of the natural world.  We source our ingredients from earth-friendly suppliers as much as possible.  We don’t use animal-derived ingredients and we never test on animals.

♥   Love of alchemy   ♥

The reverential spirit that we bring to the creation of each and every batch

 ♥   Language of Love     

The saucy and sweet names we give our products 

♥   Lovely location    

Not far from Philadelphia, PA ~ the City of Brotherly Love!

 ♥   Share the Love     

Every season we create a product to benefit causes we believe in, as part of our charity-focused line: “Kiss for a Cause”

♥   Even our name is our family’s secret code for “kiss”!  

So come on,  give yourself a kiss!
Everyone deserves a little Tulip Grease!
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